First Christmas: 

Stories from the Birth of Christ

There is nothing new about the story of Christ's birth and the season we call Christmas. No there’s not. But what is new is how we hear and feel our connection to the story. Have you really looked at the characters of the story and how you connect or relate to that story? Well this series will be the foundation for both our sermon series and small groups during the Advent season, and be outlined for deeper conversations in smaller more intimate groups. We hope that as you deepen your understanding of the people of the Christmas story, discover how they live in the tension between fear and awe, and you also deepen your understanding of how you see yourself in the narrative.

Join us Sunday mornings as we dive deeper into characters from the First Christmas and explore how over 2,000 years later we can still relate to them!

  • Traditional Worship Sunday's at 8:30am
  • Modern Worship Sunday's at 10:30am

Christmas Eve Sunday morning regular Schedule

Special Family Christmas Eve Worship 5:00pm

Special Traditional Christmas Eve Worship 7:00pm

Going Deeper

Join a small group this Advent Season! Small groups help us go deeper, provide community, allow us to hear different perspectives, and offer support. Each session will have facilitators who will help the group; there will be time for fellowship, a brief video of teaching from our Pastor's, and group discussion questions to help guide your conversation. 

We have several advent small group opportunities:

Sunday's 10am (Women's Group) @ Aley

Tuesday's 10am @ Aley

Tuesday's 7pm Zoom Only

Tuesday's 7pm @ Nye Residence in Beavercreek

(kids welcome, there are dogs in the house)

Wednesday's 7pm @ Aley

Click here to sign up and join an Advent group!


Click here for the small group guide

(if you need a printed copy, please contact the church office or Gail Simpson)

Week 1 Video - Shepherd

Week 2 Video - Joseph

Week 3 Video - Innkeeper

Week 4 Video - Elizabeth & Mary

Week 5 Video - Wise Man